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                     Learn How to Avoid Costly Publishing Blunders

In the world of books there are two groups that fight non-stop and seem to never let go. They hate each other’ guts. One group says a book can’t be judged by its cover, the other says it can.

And if this wasn’t enough, another two groups have now jumped in and which make the first ones look tame in comparison. They fight is on what makes for better reading: one says eBooks, the other physical books.

Would you read a good book, regardless of its cover or the format it comes in? I would! I know you would, too, because nothing beats the rush of a great read.

The reality is you have to write a book first and it isn’t a walk in the park. It takes time and planning, not to mention a huge effort. It’s all worth it if you get it bang on. If you have written a book you know what I’m talking about; you will know if you are about to write one.

But, finishing your a book is only the beginning. Aside the need to be edited, poished and proofread, the title and the cover to be right and so on, soon you have to send into the world and promote it so it starts selling. That is when the real challenge starts.

I'll stick to the selling point and so should you. Because that is how you know your book is doing well: readers fork out their hard earned money to buy it. On the top of it, they'll review it and tell other people about it.

But when you consider that around 98% of submissions get rejected, it’s highly likely good books may be rejected. Every work deserves a chance. So should yours.

You don’t need to submit a cover letter, use an agent, or worry if you havn’t published a book before. Just send it through. It’s best to send one chapter or two, the first one.

Here’s an Example

Here’s what happened with one of the books we published, a romantic fiction. We asked for a sample first, then the full manuscript. We read it, edited it, edited it again, and then proofread it. Then we asked a designer to design the book cover. It had to be someone who loved fiction books. Her name is Katie and she took the time to design the book cover. You see, a book cover has to sell, not to be a work of art for the sake of it.

We went back to the draft again and again. And again. Every time we went back we found things to change and improve. Maybe it’s not perfect, no book ever is. But, we went ahead and published it, and have used the experience to make the next books better.

Your Book

I’ll read your book and though I can’t promise anything, it’ll be the first step to making it happen. If it has potential, we can talk about a publisher author agreement and once both sides come to an agreement they are happy with we are good to go.

If we can’t take your book on (I wish I could offer a publishing agreement to every writer but it isn’t possible), we’ll tell you why and give you feedback. And if you still want to go ahead and publish, there’s a lot we can do to make it happen and help you get your book out there in as professionally as possible without breaking the bank.

You can chose publishing packages from the budget to the top best seller author. We can even help with short print runs for your book. And if none of these are good for you, we can still arrange a call or a skype meeting to talk specifics about your book and how to publish it.

It could be a half an hour or an hour call, you’ll walk away with information and tips that give you and your book a huge headstart over the majority of other books and writers, especially the competition.

Feel free to submit your book or get in touch via email or call. Ask for Paul or Michelle.

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