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Gentleman of Fortune: an Unofficial Guide to Army 2020

Henry Beeching


4 stars

Enlightening and a useful guide




4 stars

Excellent Insight to Officerhood



4 stars

Compulsory reading for the armed forces



4 stars

Such depth and surprising reality!



The Insider Truth to Life within Army 2020

This is a junior officer’s unprecedented and gripping account of the secret life that exists today throughout the regiments and battalions of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

From the Army Cadet Force to the University Officer Training Corps, and Reserve Officer Commission. P Company, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Army Dive Course, Royal Engineer Troop Commander and finally a military Arabic and French Cultural and Linguistic Adviser, this story tracks the progression of a young officer through the ranks of the modern British Army.

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Confessions of a Floor Walker


Newly divorced Vegas born beauty, Eliza Raine Fox, relocates to Brisbane Australia, to escape her sordid past, and start a new life (and career) as an undercover Loss Prevention Officer. She’s feisty, fearless and funny, and a total freak between the sheets. When she’s not catching thieves, she’s catching feelings.., because after all, who can resist a man in uniform?

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Visit London: More Best Places Around London Every Family Should See

Michelle Smith



4 stars
Highly recommended!
4 stars
Book to refer to when you travel to London

Here You Walk with Kings and Queens

The secret of discovering the heart of a country is going to and learning about the places both people and history have left their mark upon. Some are beautiful, others quirky, some dark, others off the beaten track. That’s what you ought to see when you visit London England.

Did you know that when you see the Royal Standard flying above Windsor Castle the Queen is actually in the castle? It’s one of the unforgettable things you can experience when you visit London and England.

You can take a traditional English afternoon Tea at the Ritz and feel like royalty, or visit Greenwich’s Royal Observatory, the foundation of time. You can visit Cambridge, or go to Westminster Abbey, the place that has witnessed the coronations of 22 Kings and Queens. Stand still, close your eyes and smell the air, it’s the smell of two thousand years of history; you are now part of it.

Whether you visit London for a few days or more you’ll be wowed by it. Look at the recommendations in this book, then go out and find the real London and England. It won’t cost you a fortune; instead, you and your family will belong to the history of this sometimes grey yet amazing land.

Many a United Kingdom travel guide will focus on just giving a long list of attractions and many trivial facts hard to digest. Anyone can find such things online nowadays in a matter of seconds. How long would it take though to find good and reliable information, without having to sift through countless pages of fluff? This is neither helpful nor useful.

For a truly memorable time your visit should, above all, combine

            four basic elements:

  • Should not cost an arm and a leg
  • Should be fun and enjoyable for you or your family anytime you travel
  • Should be tailored to suit the length of your stay
  • Should lead you to specific and reliable information fast

Here are 7 ways “Visit London: More Best Places around London Every Family Should See”, will help you with:

Ways of Family Travel in and out of London from the London Underground to travel coaches and River Thames Cruises

8 Unmissable Places in London every serious visitor should see

11 Top English Countryside Day Destinations from Legoland to Stonehenge and Oxford 

13 Reliable and Friendly places to eat out at great prices

7 of the Oldest and Funkiest London markets only locals know about

3 Must See Performing Arts locations including the famous London West End theatres 

27 Interactive Map links so you can find each place you want to visit on your mobile or tablet

78 Useful Website links to give you access to service and activities at a click of a finger

After many years of living, working and raising a family in London I know that those who wish to travel to London and England need more than practical & time saving advice. They need the freedom and the flexibility to choose the best a place can offer in a way that, firstly, you don’t feel overwhelmed in trying to choose what to do when arrive in London; secondly, you get to know the sites you are visiting...

                                                                                      before you even leave the airport!

That’s why I have condensed what I know about London and England so amongst other tips it gives:

Simple yet effective ways to help you plan each day you travel in or out of London

  • Tips on how to avoid crowded places
  • Advice on age restrictions, prices and the ideal times to visit with children
  • A variety of places to visit combining many sites into one day
  • How to get to places outside London and come back with ease
  • Snippets of information of places you visit locals know about

Whether you are a theatre lover; art lover; shopping lover; countryside lover; or even an antiques lover you’ll learn about:

  • Opening times for stores, museums, parks and theatres
  • How to claim VAT tax on your shopping
  • How to access Wi-Fi and the Internet with ease
  • Where to find good bargains

You'll also learn about:

  • Emergency numbers, for example, how to reclaim lost property on public transport
  • Smoking policy and detail about the weather in England
  • How to phone abroad and much more useful and practical tips!

From Richmond Park and Harry Potter theme park to Eaton and Brighton you and your family will have such an experience you’d want to go back over again.  Most importantly, this book will help turn your visit in London and England into a journey that will make both grown-ups and children have an unforgettable time, and the family will bond together like never before. After all...

                                                                                        Isn’t what going on holiday is all about?

 A famous traveller once said that you can have the same experience a thousand times or you can have a thousand different experiences. You will have a thousand new experiences when you visit London England by simply using this book.

Go to the top of the page Now and grab this book and start your visit to London and England.

Walk with kings and queens!



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Visit London England: Best Places in London Every Family Should See

Michelle Smith

4 stars
A must read!!
4 stars
Indinsepnsable guide for families
4 stars
We Used it a Lot!
4 stars
Novel ideas for ways to spend time in London
4 stars
Goldmimne of information on London!
4 stars
A must if you are visiting London

“There's nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.” Vivienne Westwood

When you travel in Europe, especially in London, England, you are up for an extraordinary experience. This book is for any family wanting to visit London. From Diana’s Playground and Kensington Palace to Big Ben and the London Eye both children and parents will pack loads into a day touring around the capital with the help of this book.

What’s so Special about your Book?

Visit London England is full of simple and useful tips and advice on what see, what to avoid, and lists the best places in London England every family should experience. Part of London England Travel Book series, this book will help you and your family will learn:

  • How to get around London easily and quickly using London’s transport network
  • 8 Different Ways of travel including London Underground & the Bus system
  • 56 Must Visit attractions and their locations
  • Interactive links to show you each location on Google Maps
  • List of the Best Ways to help you & your family plan your visit and avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Hints and Tips to save you time and money and how to avoid crowded places
  • Useful Advice on age restrictions, prices and when applicable best times to visit
  • Little known Places loved by the locals so you and your family can see and enjoy like locals do
  • Bits of Historical Information about places you visit so you can become part of its history

What’s more, the book focuses specifically on:

  • Hints on where there are reliable places to eat or snack
  • How to find places both parents and children will enjoy
  • Links to attractions’ websites to help you get more information and plan ahead

Why should I Trust Your Advice?

After many years of living, working and raising a family in London, I’ve become aware that anyone, especially families, visiting London would want practical, time & cost saving advice about things to do and places to visit in London that:

  • Are fun & enjoyable to see
  • Make your visit cost effetive & affordable
  • Help save time & see best places
  • Fit in with a busy life of a modern family
  • Help families by focusing on enjoyment of both children and parents

Otherwise you and your family will miss out on amazing attractions in London. I put together these notes so families visiting London to experience an unforgettable trip.

Tell Me More About this Book?

There are ten chapters in the book. Each chapter deals with a particular area and location.

  • Areas covered: Central London including The City, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, North & South of Oxford Street, Camden, South Bank

I’m sure you are excited about and can’t wait experiencing all London has to offer. So here’s a small number of places you can see in London:

  • Kensington Palace
  • Big Ben
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Diana’s Memorial Fountain
  • The London Eye
  • The British Museum
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Tower of London
  • Trafalgar Square, and many, many more!

Don’t worry if you have never been in London before. With the help of this book you’ll be able to plan your trip with ease and have fun all the way. Make your trip to London a new and exciting adventure! Visit London and have the time of your life.

Scroll up to the top of the page and download your copy without hesitation and start the journey to London England Now!

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Why Everyone Should Read the Rubaiyat Omar Khayyam and Edward Fitzgerald

Paulin Prifti

(in Poetry )
4 stars
Beatufil Book...Flowless Condition
4 stars
I enjoyed the poem
4 stars
The Rubaiyat is uite amazing
4 stars
Fresh, modern, illustrated version
4 stars
For deep thnkers this is a must!
4 stars
Sheer Escapism

Read the Rubaiyat, one of the most famous poems of all time. Here’s a glimpse what you get:

  • New edition with text and illustrations
  • 75 inspirational quatrains exactly as in the first original edition
  • 13 never seen before illustrations available on Kindle only
  • 12 easy to follow parts so you can enjoy reading each quatrain
  • 4 parts full of facts on one the best books ever written
  • How one of the most famous poems in the world was found
  • How from selling not one copy it become hugely famous
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