I’m not going to go into the dead boring and dull talk most about pages go on.

Here’s what happened.

Back in 2009, my partner, Michelle, and me were driving through the South Island in NZ. What can I say; it was a stunning day and a beautiful place. On the outskirts of a small town, we stopped at traffic lights and while waiting for the lights to change we were racking our brains as to what to call the company we were about to set up. We wanted the name to have something to do with both of us.

There was not a soul around, not a car in sight and the lights still red. Minutes felt like hours and we started to lose patience waiting to drive off.

Then, out of the blue, a truck drove slowly in front of us and it had “Paul Smith Sewage” on the side. We looked at each other, looked at the truck as it drove off, looked at each other again and shouted at the same time, “Paul Smith Publishing!”

Setting up the company was a result of trying to find a publisher for a book I had written a couple of years earlier. I began learning about book publishing industry and came to like the sound of publishing other people’s books. Then it hit me. Why not publish books readers want to read and, in the process, help new writers get published?

Peter joined later on and here we are now.

Publishing is a learning process and we don’t know all there is to know about it. We make mistakes. But, what Michelle, Peter, myself and the rest of the team will not do is ignore you or your book.

Did you know that more than 98.5% of all manuscript submissions get rejected, most without even being read? We can’t promise or guarantee to take your book on. But, we can promise is we’ll read the manuscript and let you know about it as soon as we can, and give you honest feedback where possible.


Paulin Prifti
Paul went into publishing in 2011 after trying to find a publisher for a book he had written which proved to be an even tougher and thankless task than writing the book in the first place.

Paul deals with book editing, manuscript evaluation, preparing books for publication and handling publishing agreements.
A crucial part of his job is also dealing with writers, authors, book cover designers, illustrators and creative types who are not an easy lot by any stretch.

Publishing a book requires many different stages and skills. If you want to see your book out there and make it stand out, you need to put effort, time and finances into it. It's a chain and you need to make sure it works smoothly.

Another part of Paul's job is making sure the writer approaches the book as both a writer and a marketer; keeping in mind and writing for the reader.  The job of a book is to sell; it's the surest indication readers want it. This is not easy because writers are emotionally attached to their work and would often resist changes to the final draft.

Paul says your book is like a newborn baby: it's adorable but you can's send it into the world because the world is tough. You have to clothe it, rear it, make it foolproof and then let it run free.


Michelle Smith
Michelle has been part of Paul Smith Publishing since its early days.

Already a published author with two titles under her name, Michelle deals with and advises on manuscript formatting, book presentation and making sure every book, as a finished product, gives the reader a smooth and effortless reading experience.

Another important task Michelle deals with, coming from an accounting background, is advising on book pricing structure, incomings and outgoings making sure each book project becomes viable for both author and publisher.

Michelle says it’s important to see the book as a reader: you want a book that is easy to read, is presented professionally and marketed in a way it reaches as many people as it can.


Peter Clough
Peter has been publishing for nearly seven years now and has seen many of his books make it to the top #1 rank in their category.

One bestselling book reached the Top 100 Salesrank (the authority site ranking the best-selling books in all genres on Amazon) in both the US & UK markets. It still ranks pretty high four years after its release.

Long gone are the days when you could publish a book and Amazon would promote it for you. Now Amazon wants to see your book is worth promoting.

A major part of Peter’s job is working behind the scenes analysing Amazon’s very sophisticated and constantly changing algorithm (a self-confessed geek!). Knowing how this algorithm affects sales is a huge advantage when your book is competing with many, many great books.

Other aspects of Peter’s job involve analysing what reviewers like or don't like about other similar books, the wording of their book descriptions, their cover design and so on. Though they may seem trivial and a waste of time; they are vital elements leading to a strong impact on potential readers wanting to buy your book without them realising.

Peter says if you don’t do the prelaunch preparation you'd better off not publishing your book at all.


Huge thanks to the following people for their great work and support:

Katie McKee - Graphic design and logo and book cover designer.

Matt Mabley - Website Designer Activate Design

Robert Urquhart - Lead Programmer

Paul Smith Publishing Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company number: 08735912.

Registered address: 97 Earls Court Road, London, W8 6QH, UK.