I’m not going to go into the dead boring and dull jargon most about pages go on and on.

Here’s what happened.

Back in 2009, my partner, Michelle Smith, and me, I’m Paul, were driving through the South Island in NZ. What can I say; it was a stunning day and a stunning place. On the outskirts of a small town we stopped at traffic lights, and as we were waiting for the lights to change to green we were racking our brains as to what to call the company we were about to set up. We wanted the name to have something to do with both of us.

There was not a soul around, not a car to be seen and we started to lose patience waiting to drive off. Minutes started to feel like hours.

Then, out of the blue, a truck drove slowly in front of us and it had “Paul Smith Sewage” on the side. We looked at each other, looked at the truck as it drove off, looked at each other again and said at the same time: “Paul Smith Publishing”! And here we are now.

The idea for the business started when I was trying to find a publisher for a book I had written a couple of years earlier. I began to learn about book publishing industry and came to like the idea of publishing other people’s books. Then it hit me. Why not set up a publishing company to produce books readers want to read and, in the process, help writers get published?

Publishing is a learning process and I don’t know all there is to know about it. We make mistakes. But, what Michelle, me and the rest of the team will not do is ignore you. You’ll be dealing with real people. And together we can do something amazing.  For example, fill the world with stories. Good ones. Wouldn’t that be cool?

All in all, more than 98.5% of all manuscript submissions get rejected, most without even being read. I don’t think this is fair. As a publisher, either accept and read submissions, at least the first chapter or chapters, or don’t ask for them.

That’s why we won’t turn down any submissions. I can’t promise or guarantee publication. But, we’ll read the manuscript and let you know about it as soon as possible.

If we cannot offer you a contract, we’ll give you honest feedback, not the useless, We regret to inform you... and so on jargon. 

Paul Smith Publishing Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company number: 08735912.

Registered address; 97 Earls Court Road, London, W8 6QH, UK.

Huge thanks to the following people for their great work and support:

Katie McKee - Graphic design and logo and book cover designer.

Matt Mabley - Website Designer Activate Design

Robert Urquhart - Lead Programmer