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How to be a successful entrepreneur

Mathew Rees

The benefits that this book will bring include a scientific research based approach and understanding of the entrepreneur, their mind and ability to work differently than others

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A Lady's Guide to Wine, Party and More...!

The Wine Lady

How to Be Wine Expert to Impress Friends and Floor the Wine Snobs

Have you ever had the feeling of impending embarrassment when faced with wine merchant or a table of wine snobs yet had that burning desire to ask a question about wine but you daren’t?

You are not alone; it takes more than asking friends or searching on the internet to find out about wines you would like to drink yourself and, more to the point, impress friends and those you care about with wines that are great to drink and yet would not break the bank.

Be it a party your throw in or invite someone special around you want to offer wines that glow in the mouth. Because nothing soothes and relaxes mind and body the way a good wine, especially when matched with the right type of food, does. It would get your guests chatting to one another as they were childhood friends, it would make the person standing in front of you and whose heart you want to steal hang on to every single word you say.

An occasion, any occasion, without good wine and good food to pair it is not worth the effort. You can spend a fortune on wine, without knowing what food to serve it with you’ll waste your money. You can like a goddess, but if you don't know what wine would have it with you will have so much leftover you'll be hard-pressed to get rid of.

The bottom lines is you need to learn the basics about good wine and what type of food to combine it with and, once you do, you can throw any part you like, invite anyone you like; you’ll make them want to come back for more.

It is these basics the Wine Lady put together in this guide that will help you learn about wine from how to select it, what wine to choose depending on the occasion and how to go about not paying astronomical prices.  

The Wine Lady addresses all these questions with simple and easy to understand answers, with humour and some extra bits of information to entertain your wine friends or floor the wine enemies.

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The Do's and Dont's of Coping with Cancer

Nathanael Hill

This book is purposely written to be positive but realistic, to bring encouragement to those suffering with cancer, whatever the stage they are going through.

This isnt a 'self-help' guide or 'instruction manual' but this compilation, intertwined with real life interviews and experiences can be reflected on at any time of the day or night to help you Cope, Live and Survive...

1. Positive and practical suggestions throughout
2. Realistic
3. Handy (can read anytime or place)
4. Not too heavy going (you're definitely not going to be more depressed after you read it)
5. Informative
6. Positive interviews

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Functional Training for Busy Individuals Who Want to Be at the Top of their Game

Charlie Knight

Functional Training: How to Optimise Your Physical Performance

                                                                                                 Lose Body Fat and Be at the Top of Your Game

Here’s how Charlie explains Functional Training:

Functional Training is a movement specific training aiming at optimising your body function at what you are or want to be good at. It is a targeted form of training and functional tools that would benefit and optimise your lifestyle, your personal and professional activity needs.

Functional Training takes into account your own unique shape and build. Your mechanics are different to mine, your friends or anyone else’s and as such, you are going to operate differently (in your own unique way)!

It is built around your physical strength and weaknesses and targets a particular set performance of your body.

Charlie illustrates this with the following examples:

If you are a cyclist courier, it’ll help you build better legs strength and endurance, better peripheral left and right balance as well as faster reaction times.

In the case of Usain Bolt, it would help increase energy, strength and speed aiming at being fractions of a second faster. This by ‘tweaking’ small areas of technique to optimise performance in specific areas of the race.

But if you are a grandparent and would like to play with your grandchildren, it would help you keep up running around with them for longer. You’ll be able to pick them up, spin, twist, jump, crouch down and so on.

 Charlie’s book on Functional Training would:

Benefit men and women, young and old

Turn body weakness into strengths

Help with speed and recovery from physical injury

 Though Charlie’s book is aimed at busy individuals, it would help a great deal:

1. Active professionals, (field sales, trades and so on) wanting to stay active and keep mobile

2. Professional people, typically office based, short on time and looking to get the most of the time they have to exercise.

3. Sports people and those already training who want to improve and boost results in the gym, on the field and so on.


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Sports Nutrition and Exercise: How to Shred the Belly Fat in 28 Days

Anthony Forsyth

Sports Nutrition & Exercise: Turn Your Body Into a Lean Mean Fat Grinding Machine in 28 Days

Did you know that the secret to losing body fat for good is 70% nutrition and only 30% exercise? It’s what you’ll learn from the upcoming book on getting in shape using Sports Nutrition & Exercise. Here’s how the author puts it.

“Even if you work out hard for an hour every day, that still leaves 23 more hours for you to wreck all your hard work in the gym: binge eating, drinking beer or wine every evening or getting fast food lunches. No one can out train a bad diet! Good nutrition is the backbone of your entire being; the foundation of a new lean, clean shredded you!”

Here’s the deal:

Give international fitness master, Anthony Forsyth, 28 days and he’ll whip up your body in such a shape you’ll embarrass yourself looking at it non-stop in the mirror.

He will show you step by step how to kick sugar addiction, cook and eat clean while using intense yet achievable cardio workouts to get real and long-lasting results that would outclass thousands fads and claims.

You will never need to diet, count calories or weigh yourself again.

This is not about a quick temporary fix. More than anything, it’s about leaving behind the way you approached nutrition and how you exercised before. And if you are prepared to do that, the world will be your oyster, because with…

Anthony’s book you'll be able to:

Reshape your body and admire it

Prepare incredible tasting and full of nutrients food

Fall in love with shopping for clothes again

Exercise to build strength and pride of who you are

Recover from injury, get your strength back and increase it

Be in control mentally and physically

Live a happier and longer life

Fight disease and stay healthy

Find that extra energy to help you get a step closer to your dream

Become a role model for your family and those you care about

Combine world-class training with scientific sports nutrition

Furthermore, Anthony's book will show how to:

  • Combine world-class training with scientific sports nutrition
  • Cook tasty and free of junk recipes fast
  • Exercise in short periods to get maxiumum results using multi-level classes
  • Use the right music to train harder
  • Boost your hormone system
  • Choose food that would skyrocket your metabolims
  • Shed body fat and keep it at bay for good

The book will benefit:

1. The most uncondition individual who wants a change

2. Anyone looking to shred body fat and nver pay for fab diets again

3. All those in need a new, practical and actionable approach to eliminating body-fat

4. Busy individuals with little time to spare for exercise

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